Thursday, 22 January 2015

Car Insurance For 1 Week Only - Compare 1 Week Car Insurance And Save, Apply And Buy Today

An insurance cover is useful as well as mandatory investment by law, where regular covers are available for tenure of 6 months or a year. 

However, when people need to drive a vehicle for a short period only, they can buy a short term insurance cover for a week to meet their driving needs.

A short-term insurance cover is offered for a small duration, which can be either a day, a week or can extend up to a month. This option is useful for many drivers who have planned a short trip to a different state and are going to use a car there. In such a case, buying a regular cover is not advised as you can get 1 week car insurance at a seriously lower cost. Additionally, people who use public transport for their daily commuting needs can also gain benefits from this type of cover as they can get insured for a few days before borrowing a car.

General Requirements

Similar to a regular cover, car insurance for 1 week only also needs the buyer to fulfill certain conditions, while some insurance providers might go easy on such terms. A driver needs to present a valid driving license that authorizes him to drive a car on the road. Other requirements include age of the buyer, which one can easily obtain by consulting with an insurance company or from a legal regulatory authority. Some companies also demand for driving records before granting a short-term policy as the same is used for the determination of the cost of the cover.

The vehicle to be insured is also taken into account by insurance providers, before making any offer. Generally, a particular minimum limit is set by insurance companies for the market value of the vehicle, where those having a lower than defined value are clearly rejected. Moreover, some companies also reject modified cars for an insurance cover of a weeks insuranceThus, if you fulfill all the conditions and have a clean driving record, you can avail the benefits of car insurance by the week.

Find the Best Option

Nowadays, browsing the available options has been made easy with the vast use of internet services by both buyers and sellers. You can submit an application with multiple companies to get a quote for the type of cover required and hence, compare them on the basis of their cost and features offered to you. Additionally, it is recommended to verify the reliability of a firm before making any investment as some poorly reputed ones fail to satisfy the monetary needs of their customers in the hour of need. Thus, if you are going to buy car insurance for week, you must verify all the details regarding the history of claim approval, ranking and others make a better decision.

On a short note, week car insurance is a valuable option for car owners or drivers who are going to drive a vehicle for a few days only.