Thursday, 11 September 2014

Car Insurance For A Week Only – Weekly, One Week, 7 Day Short Term Car Insurance Under 25

Anyone simply doesn’t need long term auto insurance but he wants to be covered to drive a vehicle, 7 day car insurance is the ideal option. 

Whether he needs to drive a friend’s car to visit family or his existing car has broken down and he needs insurance for a courtesy car, whatever the reason he needs carinsurance for a week only. Some companies offer a huge range of insurance options so if, for example, he will be driving a small van whilst in the process of shifting home, they can arrange short term auto insurance or van insurance for a week to give him the opportunity to drive with the cover that he needs.

It may be that the owner’s son or daughter is back from University and trying to borrow dad's wheels for a week. Being able to manage car insurance for a week under 25 policies would ensure that they were covered for the time period they were home. Perhaps the owner’s brakes have packed in so his car is in the garage and being fixed and he needs to borrow a vehicle so he can still get around.  Or it could be that he is off on a big family holiday and wants to borrow a bigger car so that all of his luggage, and the kids, can be packed in. Whatever the situation, he will need short term insurance coverage in place to ensure that the car he is driving is legally on the road.

Accidents can occur at any time, which is why some consider short term auto insurance if they are only thinking to use a car for a short distance or some amount of time. Since cheap car insurance for one week under 21 is usually purchased for a specific reason, it is important to first think if it is the right choice for anyone. While it can be bought for a number of reasons, it is most often used by movers, vacationers and test drivers. Whether anyone is planning to drive a car that is not his own or are worried that his current insurance will not cover him when he leave the state, short term coverage may be his preferred option. For more information please visit

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